About us

Time line & History Log

SaQary was founded by our deceased father Hosny El-Saqary in Cairo in 1977.
Since that date SaQary has taken the principles of continuous improvement and development at all fields, such as engineering, work policies, supply chain…
SaQary continues to follow these principles indefinitely.

Vision & Mission


Refreshment of the worldwide industries


With the persistent seeking for the best, Harmony between the staff and hardworking we find creation, to distinguish our clients around the world

Head Office

The Head office of SaQary is a place of great value to us, where it is considered the beginning of SaQary and it has included small factory in the beginning, and With the continuous stages of development and expansion has been the establishment other factories larger, More technology & modern in other zones. This great place has become the Head office, where there are PR, marketing, sales and accounts teams, and it’s responsible for linking between factories with Clients