Casting for Others

SaQary has a competitive advantage because we aid our customers in product development, from the initial design and our comprehensive DFM analysis with mold flow simulation through production and continued support until the end of the product life cycle.

With over 40+ years of combined experience, our engineers have die casting expertise therefore are capable of assisting customers whether they have a simple or complex project.

We work directly with your engineering teams in order to provide guidance on the manufacturability of parts ready to be custom injection molded or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.

Increased Efficiency with Robotics

Automation and robotics are heavily-integrated throughout our injection molding processes and post-molding operations by separating runners from parts, feed and unload injection molding presses, assemble components, sort and package parts, and more. The utilization of this automation gives our customers an advantage by increased throughput and overall time & cost-savings.


Our continued investments into technology have given us the ability to offer additional services. We understand the ultimate goal is cost-savings for our customers’ so we have positioned ourselves as a full-cycle manufacturing partner through enhanced processes and advanced technology.