Electrostatic Coating Line

Electrostatic coating is advanced technology which is operated under high voltage environment. Coating is seamless painted on product surface with higher thickness. It’s primary choice for high quality powder coating solution.


Be able to get thicker film by one time spray, normally 4~6 times more than regular solvent coating.


Electrostatic coating line workflow: {loading} —> {degreasing -> rinsing -> phosphate -> rinsing} —–> {passivating/drying} —–> {electrostatic coating} —–> {curing} —–> {natural cooling -> unloading}


Quality control: During coating workflow, pretreatment is crucial part to ensure high quality result. Moreover, the duration, spray gun, voltage and powder quantity control are all essential factors.

Coating line main components

Washing booths

It contain different chemical washing liquids pumped with high pressure.

Passivating oven

Then the parts pass through the drying oven tunnel before send to spray booth. At a controlled temperature.

Powder supply system

This includes spray booth, static producer, spray gun and powder supply system.

  • Spray booth

Spray booth – main part of coating line. stable air supply and cleanness is crucial. clean level must be 10000+. Moreover, spray booth should be configured for easy cleaning so no waste powder can be stored inside.

  • Automatic electrostatic spray guns

Automatic electrostatic spray guns, its automatic spray guns provide better stability and quality.

  • Powder supply system

Powder supply system – this includes powder tank, air compressor, water filter, valve, air pipe and powder pipes etc.

Curing oven

After the coating is complete, the products are sent to the curing oven, at a controlled temperature.