Customer satisfaction


Our aim is to provide our customers products and services with mix of performance, reliability and convenience to best fulfill the needs of the customers.


We provide true information and attainable commitments to our valuable customers. We remain in contact with our valuable customers to provide any services in the fastest way possible not only during the sales period, but whenever is needed.


We regularly measure customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback is very important for us, and we appreciate the time and effort customers take when giving their view on our performance. Analyzing how we have succeeded compared to the expectations allows us to investigate gaps and develop our operations.


We invite customers and other stakeholders to give feedback in several different ways: We provide short and to-the-point surveys e.g. with every service case with deliveries. Additionally, we conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey with key customer contacts from around the world.

Also your e-comment will be very welcomed, only press here. It takes only few seconds.


The customer satisfaction survey results steer our improvement efforts across our entire operation. Where SaQary is committed to continuously improve the quality of its products and the improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management system to meet the demands and expectations of customers by constantly monitoring their satisfaction.


You are welcome to contact us when you give us some help to improvement, development and problem solving.