Final Control & Packing


Inspection prior to packing. The orders placed by a customer will be inspected and will not be packing until the final inspectors have cleared them. where the inspectors place themselves in the shoes of the consumers to see if the products meet general expectations.


The quality assessment will be based on predetermined requirements or standards previously set by SaQary with client.

In the context of performing quality control before shipping, any product or unit of product that does not meet the minimum standards will have to be reworked, disposed, or deal with according to the company, instead of being shipped to the user.


Quality control check is done by SaQary inspectors that have been trained to perform these checks.



SaQary know that

The products are accurate and of good quality

Will help ensure that brand, company name and reputation will be protected.


Packing means the orders packed securely and properly during shipping.

Make sure that the items are packed appropriately, depending on the nature of the product, to minimize the risks of them being damaged while in transit.