Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Believing that human resources is its most valuable asset, SaQary  has adopted the following principles as the basis of its human resources policy:


  • Recruit talent possessing knowledge and skills required for a given position,
  • Maintain an environment of effective communication and motivation where employees can use their imagination and articulate their ideas,
  • Adopt a participatory management policy which incorporates diverse perspectives and know-how,
  • Support continuous learning and development by prioritizing personal and professional development of its employees,
  • Assess employee performance on the basis of objective criteria, and award and encourage high performance.

People & Culture

We are walking ahead with our employees who are proud of being a member of SaQary Family;

We work as one

Stronger together

Being on top of the job open to continuous improvement and development.

Performance Management System

At SaQary, employee performance is evaluated against targets, in line with management principles.

Employee Performance is measured through a system that utilizes goals as well as competencies.

Performance Evaluations are performed monthly, every quarter and at year-end.

The Performance Management System provides input for Learning and Development, Career Management and Potential Assessment processes.