In the Melting Department with a melting capacity of 25 tons per day in an enclosed area of 600 m2 together with the raw material storage area, it is possible to melt and make ready for production, two different alloy types at the same time


The melting process is organized to obtain and offer the highest quality in production by given implementations;

  • Furnaces with real time heat temperature control
  • Spectrometer test
  • Daily cleaning and maintenance of melting furnaces
  • Full automatic degassing units with flux treatment
  • Multi-functional temperature measurement device


The melting zone of SaQary designed with success oriented manufacturing principles, provides addition more furnaces and generates the opportunity of more investment.


Die Casting department, equipped with various Locking force die casting machines, divided into two zones

Cold Chamber zone, equipped with various Locking force cold chamber machines up to 550 T, to performs aluminum parts weight up to 8 kg.


Hot Chamber zone, equipped with various Locking force hot chamber machines up to 200 T, to performs zinc parts weight up to 3 kg.


All High Pressure Die Casting Cold Chamber Machines in the Foundry are supported by mold conditioners, jet cooling systems, holding furnaces, multi-axis spraying systems, pick up robots.

Also we are used to use Hydraulic Presses to remove of the heads, runners, gates, and risers from the castings.

In addition, manufacturing area provides addition more machines and generates the opportunity of more investment.

Mold Manufacturing and Maintenance

The Scientific Approach

Utilizing our Scientific Injection Molding Principles, our focus is to provide our clients with a robust process to produce the highest level of quality for our components and devices. This begins in the early stages in our Design For Manufacturability (DFM), through our qualification and Decoupled Molding process and optimized using our in-process inspection criteria with high-end measurement equipment.



Once a mold has run a set number of cycles; inspections, maintenance and cleaning should be performed.  Different types of molds age at different rates, so scheduling maintenance needs to be documented carefully. Our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to determine the best mold maintenance schedule specific to each injection mold.



Injection mold repairs can be costly. This means it is critically important for injection molds to receive regular maintenance; this is simply the best way to protect the investment and maintain consistent production with high quality of die casting parts. With our on-site tooling facility we provide quick and efficient mold repairs or revisions