Mold design and Manufacturing

Mold design engineers look at the aspects of the part that are important for injection molding.  Through adherence to these design principles and best practices at the beginning of the design process will ultimately lead to better overall quality of parts during manufacturing.


Having the right tools for the job includes the knowledge base of our employees, training and technology. SaQary is on the forefront of mold design, development and manufacturing technology with state-of-the-art software systems, machine tool technology and electrode manufacturing. Components are inspected inline to produce cores/cavities with the highest degree of repeatability and dimensional accuracy in the industry.

Simulation software / Material Flow Analysis

DFM Analysis

To ensure optimal results, we use simulation software; a computer aided 3D simulation of how the mold fills, packs and cools during the injection molding process is generated.  These allow a proactive approach to processing problems or potential concerns that can be solved before manufacturing begins and provide insights into potential manufacturability and quality issues.


By completing a comprehensive DFM analysis, we are able to determine the optimal; gate location, wall thickness, rib locations and cross sections, cooling line locations, and much more.

SaQary engineering teams can Provides speed to make new products market-ready in a timely, cost-effective manner, to allowing clients to capture greater market share and profitability.


Clients Communications is the responsibility of the PR teams. Thay are responsible for gathering information, disseminating information to the relative internal group and keeping the Clients informed.


Bi-monthly progress reports are sent illustrating the current project status

Design reviews are scheduled and conducted by PR teams.

Everyone involved in the project is on the same page to ensure accurate and timely information.