Products design and development

At SaQary we understand product development and the critical role R&D plays in helping our clients get a product that is highly manufactural.  SaQary dedicated R&D division provides controlled access with guaranteed confidentiality in collaborating with our customers on new products/programs that require developmental.


With our continued investments into engineering resources, our teams have the expertise and technical knowledge to assist with your products across various stages and complexity. We love to get involved in the earliest stages of product development to make sure that our clients have the engineering expertise avoiding any costly hiccups in the development process. We work directly with our clients engineering teams providing guidance on the manufacturability of parts ready to be custom injection molded or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.


Our engineers can provide consultation to determine the proper alloy for your component’s specifications and requirements. As a function of product design review, we invested resources into 3D printing services to provide clients with a rapid prototyping option all under a single supplier.