Requests For Quotation


All requests, suitable for High Pressure Die Casting process are deeply evaluated by our Feasibility Team of Professions with the target to provide our customers/ potential customers with the best fitting offers without exceeding the deadlines.


First of all, the sales team carries out a pre-feasibility study for the requests , according to the preferences of our customers, sent via customer portal or mail.  During this work, the incoming parts are evaluated in terms of machine park, capacity condition and raw material alloys of our company. In case of a proper request the Sales Team is forwarding the pre-feasibility study to the Engineering Team for a detailed study.


Apart from High Pressure Die Casting all other process steps as mold manufacturing, CNC machining, heat treatment, sandblasting, vibration, washing, leakage testing and 100 % quality control can be performed in-house with high quality equipment and leading brands of the market and each of them are the mile stones of our feasibility study.


As a part of the detail feasibility study, the team of experienced engineers who are all experts in their fields are analyzing and simulating the parts and the process flow in order to find out all optimization requirements that lead to extra costs, quality problems and decrease the efficiency while being a solution partner to our customers.


As final step the Sales team, is performing the calculations for the final price of the part, the molds, special fixtures, equipment and gauges based on the detailed feasibility study of Engineering Departments.  All calculations are done in terms of transparency, reliability, best quality, best price, customer satisfaction and solution-oriented principles and are sent to the customer with their price breakdown documents or calculation charts via portal or email.