Surface Finishing

To obtain clean parts that are eliminated from burrs, the high pressure die cast parts are processed depending on the customer request within SaQary According to the given specifications for each part, SaQary offers two types of surface finishing processes: shot blasting and vibration units.

Shot Blasting Machines

If the technically requested, after casting process the parts go through shot blasting in SaQary

The cleaning media strikes the casting surface at high velocity to dislodge the mold remnants from the casting surface. The media may be blown with compressed air, or may be hurled using a shot wheel.

SaQary has an automated dosing system, is spraying a special mixture on the parts to prevent formation of an oily surface by cleaning the blasting sands. The parts do not get contaminated.

Vibration Units

SaQary use more than one vibrator as a production line of vibrators in order to achieve higher productivity & higher quality in a more concise period. according to the technical requirements specified by SaQary according to the given standards and needs of our client, without having any human driven bias.


In order to provide efficiency in the process; Vibration unit and auxiliary equipment are designed with conveyors and loading the band constantly. is crucial and presents noticeable advantages.