The Qualities



Helping to develop, manufacture and deliver durable products that fulfil agreed specifications, through close collaboration with our customers. We undertake to work proactively towards improving products and services, relative to the customer’s expectations and we aim for a zero-per cent error rate in our deliveries.



Quality Control

SaQary  has a long-term tradition. Parallel with the research of products, solutions and market our company developed quality standards and integrated them to our business strategy and goals.

Our main business principles are high quality products and services with the aim to satisfy all clients. This we achieve by educating, encouraging innovations and constant improvements. To achieve quality products with high added value, we integrated quality standards to all the company’s working processes.

Quality control is performed at various stages.

  • Inspection upon receipt of raw materials and parts that will be placed into production.
  • Inspection prior to production. Normally, one unit or piece will be produced and, if it passes inspection, production run will proceed.
  • Inspection in-process. The inspections will be made at intervals during the production process.
  • Inspection after production. a sample or 100% of the finished products will be inspected and tested.
  • Inspection prior to shipping. The orders placed by a customer will be inspected and will not be shipped until the final inspectors have cleared them.


All visual, positional and measurement inspections of the parts are monitored and recorded under the ERP system.


Quality is not only a demand in the SaQary, but it is a way of thinking by all the employees.

Quality is our way of working and it is mediated to all personnel so that they are acquainted with it, understand, perform and maintain it at all levels.


In addition to, we are designed sufficient and suitable KPI’s for all Departments, team works, employees, machines and processes. And then analyze all the data in order to correct errors and improve the situation and continuous development in a scientific way to achieve the vision of SaQary



By using integrated ERP system optimized to SaQary, we can full management, monitoring and recorded all operations/process.


To realize the following:

  • Ensuring that management and employee competences are at all times sufficient to fulfil the assigned tasks, and that all employees understand and are motivated to satisfy the stipulated quality and environmental requirements.
  • Ensuring that management and employees at all times possess the required knowledge about existing policies and procedures relating to their own work area and that they contribute to improvements and optimizations.
  • Ensuring that the company’s development, production and testing are all implemented in accordance with stipulated requirements and services, demonstrating their compliance with the method-specified quality requirements for the tests.
  • The establishment of quality targets and their ongoing evaluation by management, with feedback from employees. We undertake to implement ongoing optimizations and to reduce waste.


Quality policy

We work in close collaboration with our customers throughout the value chain; developing ideas, products and processes.

Meticulous management of our quality is an important means of achieving high customer satisfaction SaQary undertakes to live up to the quality policy by:



With the acceptation of the quality policy SaQary is obliged to realize the following:


  • with the planned research and adopted strategy our aim will be to successfully market SaQary’s products with the intention of remaining a reliable supplier of products with high added value for our customers.


  • We will create a relationship with our customers, which will be based on co-operation, reliable and precise deliveries, high quality products and suitable prices.


  • We will preserve and improve high, quality products by constantly improving all processes that affect the product.


  • We will see to a safe and healthy working environment and lower negative effects on the neighboring areas


  • Regarding purchasing and selecting service personnel and suppliers, we will give priority to those with a higher level of quality and sense for the environment.


  • we will see to the education and motivation of all personnel, suitably reward and influence basic values such as trustworthiness, reliability, co-operation, efficiency and innovativeness


SaQary must not consider quality as a responsibility given to the management or individual departments, but as a responsibility of all employed at SaQary


Quality objectives in general

  • Quality targets are established and evaluated by management.
  • SaQary undertakes to work towards improving products and services, relative to the customer’s expectations and we aim for a zero-per cent error rate in our deliveries.
  • SaQary undertakes to implement ongoing optimizations and to reduce waste.


Quality objectives for the individual

  • REMEMBER YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES As a SaQary employee, you are required to act in a professional manner; you are responsible for the quality of the work you perform and you should continually contribute with ideas for innovative improvements and optimizations.


  • QUALITY REQUIRES PLANNING As a SaQary employee, you must assess whether the methods, processes and products that you use create value and provide the agreed quality as stipulated.


  • INSTRUCT YOUR EMPLOYEES ABOUT QUALITY In your capacity as one of SaQary‘s managers, you are required to maintain and reinforce your team’s awareness of quality issues. Individual employees must be familiar with stipulated statutory, quality and environmental requirements.


  • KEEP UP-TO-DATE As a SaQary employee, you must be qualified and responsible, dynamic and motivated to perform your working tasks. The right training and education are the key to attaining the required skills, expertise and competencies.




The Management of SaQary, together with its employees, works to constantly improve the offered products and services, completed in healthy and safe working conditions, meeting the expectations of the entities in strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.



Practical implementation of the policy will be achieved through:


  • Maintain a system for managing health and safety working conditions (OHSAS 18001:2007) and reinforce the principles and procedures to ensure the health and safety of personnel.
  • Engaging the personnel to prevent injury and illness, to continuously improve the management of health and safety at work and improve the results in terms of health and safety at work.
  • Development in senior management and operating staff of diligence and personal responsibility and precision skills when meeting the requirements of health and safety at work and demonstrating the skills to the entities.
  • Ensure full compliance with and observance of the requirements of current legislation relating to health and safety hazards at work and the other requirements adopted by the SaQary
  • Announcement, introduction and familiarization of staff at all levels of policy on health and safety and their responsibility for its realization.
  • Regular updates based on feedback from the measurement of its implementation, evaluating the adequacy of the changed conditions, announcing the changes in personnel in the shortest possible time.
  • Providing healthy and safe working conditions for staff.
  • Preparation for actions in emergency situations.
  • Making all necessary efforts to prevent diseases, incidents and accidents.


For the realization of the set objectives, the Management and executive staff will work purposefully and with common efforts, strictly following the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015.