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SaQary  targets continuous learning and improvement, with an emphasis on current and future organizational and individual needs of its employees. According to this perspective, annual training plans are prepared by taking into consideration employee demands, development areas for position-specific competencies, trainings needed for achieving annual goals, and personal and professional development needs.



Are you a creative and motivated student looking for a company where you can start building your career?

At SaQary, we offer a world of training opportunities.

Opportunities range from practical training for technical school students and university students. Summer training, internships and trainee programs in different areas. To get a suitable training opportunity.


Attach your CV...


The process begins with assessing the application forms received or cv.
Suitable candidates are invited for interview.
The students are assessed based on their Creativity and ambitious.


To be sure that, your message has received, kindly Copy the data in the
application form and send it with your CV on [email protected]


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